1. TheDerpGamerX

      LuaMade 1.0.12 - Logical

      Adds Lua scriptable computers to StarMade. A full description can be accessed by using the !glossar command in-game. Please go to Issues · garretreichenbach/Logiscript ( to report issues.
    2. Benevolent27 - Makes SQL Queries a breeze!

      What is it? It's a bash shell script that performs a SQL Query for you, reformatting the data in a much easier to read and parse way. It also has a bunch of added support to it for scripters, including custom wrapping of the data, a config file to store your presets into, and it does error...
    3. mordiaky

      Programmable Block and Timer (Yes just like SE)

      the title says it all, the reasons I want this feature is because I can do things In game with out moding. I want to write a script that reads output to a display screen to tell me what inventory i have, how much, my power in more detail, read all properties and even set some using the in-game...
    4. Benevolent27


      So, this is an idea to allow a temporary status of "noclip" on an entity. This would allow either a ship or a player entity to become ghostlike, moving through other entities with no collissions. This would be useful for: 1. Admins to stop lag bombs in sectors where entities are crashing...
    5. Tunk

      Enumerate and give/edit commands for non-player entity inventories

      Would be useful if there were commands for working with non-player inventories on ships, stations, asteroids and planets. Opens up some extra stuff server side, and also means a lot less hackish work arounds. For example: /inventory_enum_uid/name <uid>/<name> would output all inventories for...
    6. DrTarDIS

      AI, display modules, Scripting. Possible low-cost improvements. Plea for tools

      Thinking of the insatiable derpyness of AI, and thinking fondly of the days of CS server-bots, I had an epiphany. The LUA stuff gave me an idea of the way development seems to be planned. What if The Ai not-oly had a default set of scripted actions, they could be over-ridden by an active...
    7. Benevolent27

      Open up the world database - Unleash the modders

      IN SHORT: Alright, so! This idea is for the devs to open up database access to modders. Basically have a version of StarNet that communicates with the StarMade server, performing a SQL query on a selected open database (such as the world file). There is a TON of useful information available...
    8. BlueStriderX

      Ship Scripting

      I've been considering making a scripting program for Starmade now that the Dev build has been released. In the Dev build, ai ships will go back and forth in between stations and deliver and defend stuff. However, I am not a master Java developer and most of my experience is from modding...
    9. Benevolent27

      A few more scripter requests - Ability to tell the UID of ANY entity a player is in

      So I am making some support scripting for my wrapper and I noticed that I cannot easily determine the UID of an asteroid or planet part. I was able to do a workaround for the planet parts by comparing the astronaut's specific location within a sector to all of the planet parts in the same...
    10. Benevolent27

      A Scripter's Wishlist - For Future-Compatible Server Modding, creating Quests, Events, and More.

      So, I've spent a lot of time scripting and brainstorming for the LvD server, and I now have a quest engine up and running. Players can run a command, see their available quests for the day, and then start an instanced quest. I also have spontaneous events planned, random encounters with...
    11. Benevolent27

      A simple request for the "/giveid" command + Some more ideas on server commands

      Preface: There are a lot of nice commands for scripters like me to use, but some small changes and moderate additions would really open a lot of doors for server-owners to have creative, dynamic gameplay. The framework is there, it just needs to be filled out a little bit more. Here is my...
    12. Erth Paradine

      LUA Scripting Efforts

      Having just stumbled across NEATEvolve.lua, and finding hints of a Planned - LUA interface ...has anyone had success implementing something this complicated within SM's existing LUA engine? This article better describes NEATEvolve.lua: Watch this learning AI smash Super Mario World with ease
    13. Erth Paradine

      Open chat access

      Request: Change chat so that integration with other server instances, and even third-party connectivity, are possible: consider integration with IRC, instead of the current home-grown (and limited) chat function. Rationale: Building in single-player gets lonely, fast. Building on a popular...