1. TheDerpGamerX

      BetterBuilding 1.3.9

      A small mod to help with building and design. Currently it supports multiple build hotbars in creative mode (using LALT + number or scroll), but I hope to add more features in future. IMPORTANT NOTICE PLEASE READ: Due to StarMade's lack of proper gui scaling, some clients may show the hotbar...
    2. Jake_Lancia

      Trident Foundries [Back again]

      Welcome to Trident Foundries. Who are we? We are an industrial faction that has existed since February 2013, and we are a founding member of the Union of Intergalactic States faction alliance. Originally created by crazyf22raptor and I on NASS, we have expanded massively since then. We exist...
    3. Kraengis

      Kraengis's galactic assets

      Hi guys! I've built already a few ships and systems all centered around a common theme/timeline that I'd to show off and expand in the future. I didn't play for a few months but I'm slowly coming back to the game. I don't plan building around one build technique as I'd like to improve myself...
    4. Tolnorus

      Block Shape Wireframe reticle?

      How about a wireframe reticle of the block shape in build mode? Placing cubes is simple enough, but if I try to place a non-cubic shape, even something as simple as a wedge, of a dark color (like black), then the faded ghost that I see when trying to place it is so dim that I often cannot tell...
    5. Xpertice

      When to use Motherboard/Circuits vs Hull/Armor (power 2.0)

      It would seem that many, newcomers or not, would misuse or underuse the motherboard, circuit/charged circuit, and hull/armor blocks. This has minutes ago become a huge disappointment to me and I will write a simple guide to use these. Like any guide there will be people who post "Oh, I already...
    6. Gmodism

      GI-RE Officebuilding Omega v.1

      The Gmodism Industries Brings you: GI-RE Officebuilding Omega The Gmodism Industries Real Estate division brings you the classical office building used all over space by the GI, it is simple but effective (all your office nightmares come true) It is even stack-able if you need to make sky...
    7. Gmodism

      GI-RE Tekt Apartments v.1

      The Gmodism Industries Brings you: GI-RE Tekt Apartments The Gmodism Industries Real Estate division shares the Tekt apartment complex, 2 templates, one for house body and one for roof, can be stacked naturally. Interior is the most basic ever, make your own spaces. Gmodism Industries...
    8. jayman38

      Spherical System Group Efficiency Bonus

      To reduce spaghetti ship systems, I recommend a slight bonus with a group of system blocks grouped tightly inside a sphere containing the entire system group. The bonus should be pretty small, to avoid unnecessary restriction on ship system design. To avoid combat-lag, I recommend that the...
    9. C

      I'm trying to build a ship

      I'm currently trying to build a fleet of luxury ships in Starmade. I know what I want each ship to have, I just don't know how to go about building the interiors and exteriors, especially when I want my ships to have moving parts like hangar doors and landing gear and boarding ramps. I just...
    10. MacThule

      Include Turrets in Shipyards

      Simple: either through designating a storage as being for turret plans or through allowing selection of blueprints labelled as turrets, add a feature to shipyards allowing the builder (with available resources) to add turrets from a list to any empty turret dock on the loaded design.
    11. Benevolent27

      Layered Building - like alternative dimensions

      Alright, so this idea is to have non-physical blocks exist in an alternative build dimension, which can be used to add location specific effects and also for logic. What do I mean by this? Well, let's take logic for example. You could have a logic layer on ships, where only logic-connectable...
    12. KevinTOC

      Anyone have some nice building techniques?

      Hi, I'm not sure to put this in Shipyard, but since it's about ships, I'll post it here I'm wondering if anyone has some good techniques to building when it comes to functionality & design? I have noticed that building in StarMade is quite similar to minecraft, and I am a pretty experienced...
    13. A

      Improving Interior and Exterior Aesthetics

      I have a ship that I recently built, it is mostly a docking area inside, but half of it has rooms inside. When I look at the interior I can't help but think it look too plain and sterile (partly because most of them are empty), any help about what to add to it? Also, I find the exterior very...
    14. jijiji

      Paint, modules and another editting tools

      //This suggestion is currently raw and will be announced only after finishing! A problem: To change color of blocks or modules you have to use replace tool. And you can replace something wrong. It takes long and it's not fun. Suggestion: Make special tool to replace system you choosed by few...
    15. MythrilJelly

      Recovering space station from copied blueprint folder

      Greetings! A while back I was working on a certain few projects, most notably my "SGI Asteroid Laboratory" which was seemingly lost in a clean install. My game was broken, and as such I was unable to export it's WIP blueprint as a sment. Fast forward to today, I found a copy of the blueprint...
    16. The Aethi Imperium

      The Aethi Imperium: Aethi Saia Lem Vai'sa!

      \\ AETHI SAIA LEM VAI'SA // We are the Aethi - United. Welcome, citizen of StarMade, to the Aethi Imperium. ___________________ ______________ ____ \\ WHO ARE WE? // We are builders, explorers, and warriors. We have built great warp-gate networks that cross the stars. We have constructed...
    17. N

      Skeletoning ships?

      How do you guys plan your ship frames? Do you just build from the core, or make a separate structure and then copy:paste it in position? Moreover, where do you put your core? On an exterior bridge, for ease of access, or way in the middle, so it's hard to hit it?
    18. Airis Damon

      Imperial Plasma Projector 2016-10-14

      Skunk Works Galactica together with Hal Manufacturing unveiled their latest creation on Centronom as the answer to belligerent alien invasions and piracy, the plasma projector. Such a terrifying weapon, its twin barrels fire an explosively potent volley of concentrated plasma at its target...
    19. Airis Damon

      Imperial Ion Projector 2016-08-20

      The Old Alliance has never been that peaceful. Breakdowns in diplomacy between alien cultures and the never-ending quest for resources sometimes resulted in invasions within Alliance territory. Skunk Works Galactica, an intergalactic state-run corporation, developed a defense system powerful...
    20. FireG0dz

      Hull Building Contest (Unbroken) 2016-07-11

      I unbroke the original Hull building contest, check out the original page here: Hull Building Contest! It contains the rules, and pictures of the ship to be built on. If the .zip file is still empty, let me know please.