WS RadiantDawn MK1

    WS RadiantDawn MK1 1.1

    Cutting elegantly thought space the RadiantDawn draws the eye of any who see her.
    Its finely crafted hull design comes with many advanced features like the easy swap turret hard points.
    Want a different loadout on the ship? Just add some of your own turret designs and your good to go.

    A full interior is provided that features:

    - Main Drone hanger bay
    - Shuttle hanger bay
    - Full crew facilities
    - Emergency escape capsules
    - So much more…

    Besides the easily swappable turret system the main hull features fixed defensive weapon systems.

    - Quadruple rapid fire cannons
    - Automated heat seeker missile system.

    What are you waiting for? It’s available right now. Get your own copy and explore.

    First release
    Last update
    4.85 star(s) 13 ratings

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    Latest updates

    1. WS RadiantDawn MK1b

      A couple of fixes of small thing that I noticed with the first release. - Fixed storage item...

    Latest reviews

    Love the ship, looks great. Looks identical to the Tengu from EVE online.
    Incredible detail, great performance, beautiful design. Functional with lots of extras.

    I would recommend shipwide transporter network, I've found that it helps getting around larger ships.

    Regardless, 5 stars.
    Magnifique ; )
    Nice job
    The level of detail in this ship is marvellous, it has so many functions and stylish rooms one could get lost in its beauty.
    Tshara delivers again, beauty full design, nice rails and logic. and the guns are not bad either. What i really enjoyed is the rooms telling their story what happens there good job on that man.
    This might be the best ship I have ever seen. The hull is impeccable and elegant, and the interior is extremely complex in its workings yet simple in its entirety. I recommend everyone download this ship even just to explore and to figure out what makes it so gorgeous.
    It looks even better up-close!

    I was wondering what reaction this ship would have provoked in me if I didn't follow its evolution on youtube - I think the sheer level of awesomeness would have put me into a state of shock :)

    I spent about an hour last night going through this amazing spacecraft, and it was very enjoyable. Just like with WinterShade, I first flew by slowly in astronaut mode, close to the hull, checking every detail, then proceeded to the interior. The exterior is so very-very clean with so nice design choices. Your hull-work philosophy is elegant and recognizable.

    I already told you about how much I like the interior, but bravo again. I even digged into the metal-grilled floor of the Water-and-Air department, opened the brown tanks down there, and discovered that you even filled them with water blocks... Now that's attention to detail!

    RadiantDawn really turned out to be a gloriously nice ship. Congratulations for finishing it! :)
    Well... I don't know how a ship could be as amazing as this, but I just fall in love ! BTW, keep the good work on YouTube, you're great ! :D
    This is pretty much the apex of current StarMade RP shipbuilding.