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    Weaver Class Heavy Turret 2015-02-22

    Yada Corperations

    1. psteiner
      Another Turret form the Yada Corporations, the Weaver Class Heavy Turret is designed to completely and utterly destroy frigates and cruisers. Fitted with an improved shielding system, a 5 core antimatter cannon, and a burst missile system. The antimatter cannon will rapidly erode shields down to nothing, while missiles cut through hull and turrets. Designed to take down the largest targets, they turret is mainly intended to be used in stationary defense, hence the large shielding system. Do not use against leviathans, there are turrets designed for that.

      For more ships and designs, please visit http://starmadedock.net/threads/yada-corperations.74/



    Recent Reviews

    1. MardenTheReal
      Version: 2015-02-22
      Nice turret mate.