This station replaces our old Deep-space Outpost.

    Watchtower-type Outpost

    Detailed further here: Watchtower-type

    The Watchtower-type Outpost is an older series of outposts produced by the former Trident Industries and designed by Mr Crazy during the height of the Trident occupation of the Nass Galaxies.

    Several of these older stations were kept in service throughout the Nest of Orion/Odium Pact war and would eventually go on to become the premier outpost of the resurrected Trident Foundries.

    In Trident's past, these outposts served as border control stations and frontier outposts, serving as Trident's first line of defence.

    This station has plenty of empty space to customise with more rooms or to bump up the system capabilities of the base.

    Image gallery down below.

    MASS (w/rail) - 7,457.6
    L/H/W - 87m/125m/83m
    POWER CAPACITY - 348,434.3
    POWER REGEN - 319,923 e/sec
    SHIELD CAPACITY - 416,960
    SHIELD REGEN - 3,366 s/sec
    WEAPONS - Six Phased Beam turrets (each: 558x4 d/sec 100% rapidfire)
    DEFENCES - Shields, six Phased Beam turrets

    STRUCTURE HP - 534,215
    ARMOUR HP - 2,955,600


    Outpost TRS Rome above Caramenujor II.

    A view of a crew room from outside.

    The Ops centre, the nerve centre of the station.

    When the Reactor is turned off, these blast doors lock, preventing access.

    The brightly lit corridor of the Habitation section.

    Several of the Phased Beam turrets.

    The War Room, where a map of surrounding systems can be viewed.

    The rather relaxing sofa in one of the crew rooms looks out into space.

    The factory produces all the materials to keep the base running.

    Part of the Underlevel, a maze of machinery and conduits between decks 2 and 3.
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    You don't need to. When the .zip is unzipped it'll leave a folder behind. That folder can be put straight into your StarMade/blueprints folder and it'll work without needing to import it.
    nice station ^^
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