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    Vega Outpost P1.0

    A larger model of outposts inspired by the Watchtower

    1. Jake_Lancia
      Game version:

      Vega-type Outpost

      Detailed further here: Vega-type


      The Vega-type is a type of larger border outposts used by Trident Foundries.


      Featuring extensive interior spaces, four USD-compliant docks, and a new, highly industrial Gen2-style exterior, the Vega is the perfect station to keep your borders secure and resupply patrol ships.

      There is plenty of empty space for additional system capabilities or just for putting down the new Systems 2.0 into.

      Image gallery down below.

      MASS (w/rail) - 9,681.4
      L/H/W - 91m/185m/91m
      POWER CAPACITY - 1,279,218.7
      POWER REGEN - 252,637 e/sec (standard power)
      SHIELD CAPACITY - 403,395
      SHIELD REGEN - 7,150 s/sec
      WEAPONS - Two Phased Beam turrets (each: 558x4 d/sec 100% rapidfire)
      DEFENCES - Shields, two Phased Beam turrets

      STRUCTURE HP - 872,335
      ARMOUR HP - 4,891,100


      Part of the Ops center.

      One of the Deck 3 corridors.

      The main central Rail lift.

      The War Room, just off the Ops room on Deck 1.

      The Bar on Deck 4.

      The main Factory on Deck 3, including operating instructions and tips.

      Part of the Maintenance Underlevel.

    Recent Reviews

    1. Ribbons0121R121
      Version: P1.0
      will use to gain large territory
      also i will have auto mine placers and armers everywhere in said territory lol
    2. dina magiani
      dina magiani
      Version: P1.0
      nice outpost station! very clean design... :]_~~