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    V.I.P. Catwalk 2019-03-07

    Spacious Catwalk to go with the V.I.P. USD!

    1. Tsnonak
      Game version:
      [SIS] Stuck In Space is proud to release the design for one of our V.I.P. Catwalks!


      This Catwalk is designed for use with the V.I.P. USD!
      Note: This is a two (2) part template, or use it seperately!

      This is a "pre-wired" prefab Template, just "pop" it into place and you're ready for arrivals!

      How to position...
      Simply make sure to "overlap" the lights!
      Thats all!

      Parts List:
      This list has all the "base" parts for the Catwalk listed, for the V.I.P. USD just add black and dark grey standard aromor, one (1) "EM Effect computer", logic, lights and door parts!
      Don't forget the five (5) "Public modules"!

      Built with MP-servers in mind!
      W:15, H:10, L:23
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