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    V.I.P. USD 2019-03-07

    Spacious fully automated USD for your V.I.P. Guests!

    1. Tsnonak
      Game version:
      Diplomatic Meetings scheduled at your Head Quarters?

      Don't get stuck "lookin like a fool" without suitable USD docks for your V.I.P. Guests!

      First Impressions last a millenium, and they start with docking procedures!

      [SIS] Stuck In Space has the equiptment you are looking for!
      We present the USD with V.I.P.s in mind!

      This USD comes with a Fully Automated "SMART" system which registers your guests arrival and triggers the dock-lights indicating this dock is occupied!

      The "SMART" system then actives interior lighting, signals for pressurization, and opens the blast doors by the time your guests arive at the airlock (super fast 8.5sec pressurization)!
      As an added feature it even resets on departure!
      Boy will they be impressed!

      Have no fear... there won't be any cramped reception parties here!

      ... and a couple closups!
      Plenty of room for the whole crew!
      One (1) "running light" while the dock is not in use, so nobody gets "left in the dark"!

      Pressure chamber... complete with "blinky" lights signalising pressurization!

      Built with MP-servers in mind!
      W:21, H14, L:23

      Note:This is a fully Public accessable system!
      Note: This is a two (2) part Template!
      Get the "Catwalk" here, instructions for extensions included!
      This also uses the Kompakt Airlock Logic!
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