UENSA TM-84-ID 2018-07-27

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    Advanced UENSA wireless technology allowing to setup automated shipyards with a full system of autorization and control.

    8 bits request and 4 bits answer (for each message 2 bit are reserved for message detection, so it's more like 6 and 2 bits).

    There 2 modules : boths are transceivers but one has a mainly "ask/send" function (TM-84S-ID), and the other has mainly the "answer/receive" function (TM-84R-ID)

    It's has been optimised so that it's pretty much spawm-plug-and-play

    There are 5 case of feedback when you send an ID request :
    - no answer, when the message hadn't been read correctly or the receiver hasn't been enabled
    - access granted
    - 3 access refused : wrong ID/dock already used/system locked from inside


    1) When a ship comes to a shipyard, both equiped with that system, the ship must trigger the ENA input of the receiver (with a trigger zone or something) to activate that receiver.

    2)From the ship, trigger the PUSH input with a button.

    3)Wait for the message to be send and processed.

    4)Get an answer, process it how you see fit.

    TM-84S-ID, to place on the ship to identify:

    TM-84R-ID, to place on the shipyard :

    All messages the module can get as feedback

    ID side, assign to each ship or ship type a different one.
    First bit on the left

    Initialisation button though it's not actually that usefull, since it spawn already initialised

    I/O Connectors
    -ANTENNA : emitter and receiver of messages
    -PUSH : trigger it with a 0.5s input to send a message

    I/O Connectors :
    -ANTENNA : emitter and receiver of messages
    -ENA : enable the module to read incomming messages, recommended to set to false by default and activate only when a ship pass nearby
    -DOCK INPUT : set to true if the dock is already used
    -LOCK INPUT : set to true if the dock is locked from inside

    ID Matrix, 6 default column ID, the first one is already set, it can be expanded easily, just connect the flips/flops to every block on their row and connect every block of a column to the bottom AND gate, then the new AND gate to the OR gate on the left.
    First bit is at the bottom.

    (Figure A)

    Hidden by default, theses 4 gates correspond to 4 possible output to an incomming message (Granted/Denied/Used/Locked respectively)

    (Figure B)

    -Connect both wireless modules together twice, from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 1st (it seems that each wireless module can be connected to only one other module, so for several ships you'll need an intectonnected array of those
    -Connect PUSH to a button
    -Connect ENA/DOCK INPUT/LOCK INPUT to dock sensor systems
    -Connect the OR gate on the bottom-left (figure A) to a trigger that open the dock
    -If needed, connect the 4 additionnal AND gates (figure B) to dock/shipyard systems

    -Gate access identificator (the DOCK INPUT is unused)
    -With a bit of tinkering, make a more adavanced communication system by controlling the code send with another logic system .

    -The system can lag a little when it's used from 2 differents entities, you may have to resend the request.
    -The displays are a bit buggy,it's recommended to copy delete and paste what they show to avoid it disapearing before first use.
    -While the sender is protected from interferences, the receiver is sensible to them if 2 ships send an ID request simultaneously.


    Demo (sorry for quality, my PC was already lagging like hell when recoding to that size):


    I hope I am clear enough, if you need help or something PM me or comment below

    EDIT : added a demo shipyard showing them at work : https://starmadedock.net/content/uensa-tm-84-id-demo.7584/
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