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    UENSA Standard Lifeboat 2018-08-18

    Small ship used as an emergency pod or short personnal travel

    1. Kraengis
      Game version:
      This a small ship fitted with a few stealth and FTL upgrades. I also has a little tractor beam just in case.

      Obviously not fitted for combat and even an attack from an Isanth is dangerous. To be used as last ressort when the mothership is going to be destroyed.

      It has some interiors, RP oriented and 2 buttons on the left from the entrance. The top one toggle on/off the interior lights while the other one toggle on/off 4 blinking beacons on the exterior of the ship

      Can fit in a 5x13 rectangle ejection tube.


      Specifically designed for the VDSP (Voyager Deep Space Project) by the UENSA (United Earth's Nations Space Agency) at the end of the 22th century, this lifeboat, compared to all other existing lifeboats at a time, was equipped for automatic interstellar travel.

      This is necessary since it's parent fleet was tasked to go explore uncharted territories and star systems far aways from the home system.

      Fitted for a crew of 3 persons, once launched it would automatically take the earth's direction while the passengers can get into cryotubes to avoid witnessing the really long travel.


      Features :
      - Blinking lights
      - Rectangular front shape to ejection tubes fitting (5x13)

      Specs :
      - mass : 55.4
      - reactor : LV1 , 800 e/sec
      - shields : 2250 HP
      - thrust : 140 (ratio : 2.5)

      Tools :
      - 2 3-blocks tractor beams

      Chambers :
      - FTL : jump drive base, jump autocharge
      - stealth : stealth drive base, stealth usage duration permanent


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