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    3D Beams 2.0

    duct tape another dimension to your boring beams!

    1. Crusade
      Game version:
      0.201.xxx or greater
      Alright, Citizens, this has been a long-awaited update!

      With the (kind of) recent changes to beam graphics to use the fancy screenspace bloom effect, and fixes to how beams are drawn, I decided to revisit this old mod of mine.

      Here's a short list of changes from default beams:
      • Beams have much more colour saturation.
      • The 2d flat billboard plane that beams normally are drawn with has been replaced with a multilayered 3D model.
        • This also applies to the handheld beam, which now scales correctly to be an expected size.
      • Beams can scale larger than a single block diameter for output, but I will need to finetune this - please provide feedback on array sizes and the diameter you'd like to see on the beams at that size.
      • each beam color (except purple/black) have their own unique color.


      (NOTE: Framebuffer must be enabled to see the full beam effect!)
      1. Download and open the ZIP file
      2. Enter the "3D_BEAMS" folder
      3. Merge the provided 'data' folder in the 3D_BEAMS folder with the 'data' folder in your Starmade installation
      4. Start the game!

    Recent Updates

    1. Now 100% more beamier!
    2. my bad

    Recent Reviews

    1. kikaha
      Version: 2.0
      Yeah !!!
    2. Jake_Lancia
      Version: 2.0
      An absolute must-have if you care about aesthetics (the current default beams, while a step up from the old ones, pale in comparison to these)
    3. Ribbons0121R121
      Version: 0.11
      you said duct tape a new dimension to my beams
      so i did with this
    4. strikyer
      Version: 0.11
    5. Esarai
      Version: 0.11
      This mod makes beams actually feel powerful and dangerous, and is absolutely beautiful. 10/5 stars.
    6. Azereiah
      Version: 0.1
      10/10 best (beam) shaft enhancement mod out there
      would download again