TRV Brawler 2015-10-06

    A well Armed,Long ranged Warship

    1. crazyf22raptor
      Boasting rapid-fire punch cannons and an impressive dual long-range railgun, the Brawler Light Destroyer was the mainstay of Trident forces on GenXNova for quite some time.

      (picture is of a older version may not be accurate)

      With decent defences and a high T/M ratio, it can also weather and retreat if need be.
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    Recent Reviews

    1. WildRage64
      Version: 2015-10-06
      I like this design, (the trident aesthetic in general is GREAT). I have been overhauling old trident ships the best of my ability, and I can't wait to dig into this thing.
    2. Jake_Lancia
      Version: 2015-10-06
      Probably the best ship of its size range I have ever flown. I am proud to authorise the release of this vessel to the wider public, and pray that the vessel finds a new home that makes use of its abilities like we did.