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    The elevator of your dreams? (A MUST-HAVE) v1

    A ready-to-use, five-floor, high-tech elevator that you can simply dock into stations or ships.

    1. DeepspaceMechanic
      Game version:
      Do you wish you had an elevator with 20 times as many totally-unnecessary-but-very-cool features as essential ones? Do you desire a deeply immersive elevator experience that would make you forget that you're in StarMade? Do you share the opinion that flat-platform-only elevators are the past (cause drunken star-sailors get confused when the shaft walls move as they lean on it), and that doorless-open-box elevators aren't much better (cause you can lose your keys through the gap between the shaft wall and the open entrance)? Well, then you're at the right place! ;)

      I made and wish to share a ready-to-use, five-floor elevator that has nice, two-part rail doors on both the box and the shaft entrances, and also features a floor selector system that might blow your mind, depending on your nerdiness levels. It's a 9x37x9 sized ship entity meant to be docked inside either large ships or stations of any size.

      The distances between its entrances was made to fit with hallways of 3m inner height, which are stacked in a way that the ceiling of one and the floor of the next above are different layers, with no gaps in between. And if you need to connect more than five floors, just install two (or more) of these next to (or facing) each other, starting at different levels, to get the right number of elevator access points at the right places.

      14 cores in total. Main core at the very top. Blueprint comes with easily-removable thrusters and power. Measures were taken to make the reconnection of inter-entity wireless modules super easy, in case they unlink.

      Hope this will aid the fluidity of building your interiors, while also adding some RP immersion :)

      • Small, smart and public-permissioned caller buttons at each floor's elevator access point.
      • "Elevator is on: Nth floor" signs on dynamic holographic displays at access points, so you can watch the approach while waiting.

      • 2-button/1-display destination determination interface (left-hand button scrolls a list of floors; right-hand button sends to chosen floor).
      • Door safety toggle switch in the box's ceiling (can open/close the otherwise automatic inner doors from inside).

      • If the box isn't present, then caller buttons close its doors and call it (while also signaling other shaft doors to close).
      • If (and only if) the box is present, then caller buttons can toggle their local shaft doors open/close (while also signaling the box door to open, for foolproof reasons).

      • When the box reaches its final destination (when sent from inside), box doors open first, shaft doors second (for the show).
      • When the box reaches its calling point (when called from outside), shaft doors open first, box doors second (for the show).

      • When the box is sent from inside, shaft doors close first, box doors second (for the show).
      • If the "Go!" button is pressed when the box is on the same level as set as destination, then the shaft or box doors don't close (for foolproof reasons).

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