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    Strider Class Corvette X2-E upgraded

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    The Strider X2-D or more commonly refereed to as the Strider Heavy, is a modification of the valued patrol ship used by trident Foundries across its border systems. this Ship has had an update to all systems interior and exterior.

    the vessel has had a Tactical rethink in combat performance and still uses the same Lv 19 core with more robust systems and batter defensive structure. the ships 2 Plasma Beam drivers, can rip up shields, armor and hull with ease with ease and turn ships inner systems into large battle wounds while its set of first strike Fusion torpedoes offer a balanced shield damage and system damage, to its foe. its also supported by 2 Cannon assault turrets, that are brilliant support turrets.

    the vessel has seen general improvements over all systems including reactor size (without affecting reactor level) general weapon size and thrust mass ratio.

    the ship has quite a expansive interior for its size without sacrificing combat performance.

    Exterior and systems built by Plaz (me)
    interior design built by Jake_Lancia

    more lore on the history of the ship here: Strider-class
    thanks for all your support and you can expect more content soon :D
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    you mean Engine, but yea i am particularly proud of that engine housing. thanks for the review :)