python 3

    1. wizerdwolf

      StarMade Skin Compiler 2018-06-18

      StarMade-Skin-Compiler A Python 3 script for automatically compiling collections of skin textures into StarMade .smskin files. GitHub: ctl106/StarMade-Skin-Compiler Note: While I listed the "Game version" as the version I currently have installed, it should work for any version with the...
    2. wizerdwolf

      Anyone familiar with the ship blueprint template files and PFP (Python File Parser)?

      (I hope I put this in the correct section! XD ) I don't want to reveal what specifically I'm working on atm, but at this stage, it's not gotten to anything that will be specific to my program. My issue arises when trying to use PFP to parse the binary files with the blueprint template files...