Soul Keeper Bay 1.0

    Dockable or pastable automated bay for Soul Keeper escape pod

    1. Excelsior
      Pavlov Corp. Presents.

      Soul Keeper Bay with Escape Pod 1.0
      A cheap and simple way out of troubles !

      (almost fertikeen free, keep it for wars!)

      First products released by Pavlov Corp. on the galactic market. This fully automated bay for escape pod logic driven is provided with all modern fonctions expected.

      Compact design

      A simple 28x16x22 meters bay with life boat for a simple integration.


      For the Soul Keeper Escape Pod specs, just check here !

      This dockable or pastable bay for escape pod come with a fully automated system. Just toggle your alert [ON], jump in an avaiable pod, press launch and pray !

      You'll also find some first aid kits for fast healing before boarding

      Alerts and free room indicators

      When a pod is avaiable for escape (from war, tax administration or mother in law...), a green light is switched on over the bay door wich is open, ready for a run.

      In case of red alert, red lights will switch on and the green "avaiable pod" light will flash. It will be show you the nearest free escape pod.

      The bay access door will automaticaly close when the pod will launch and the green light will be switched off. No matter what, you'll not chasing a free escape pod in the wrong bay !


      Logic simple way out.. and in !
      Our brand new escape bay is provided with a clear and simple ingeeniring area. You'll be able to simply connect your alert system from your main ship, link a new life boat, operate doors and launch/dock sequences without being crazy. Just read the bad translated screens and click !



      Full custumable and chainable !

      Just dock or past one or more of this bay, internals doors will align, allowing you to proceed for inspections or giants hide and seek games.

      Chain link the alert wifi from bay 1 to X, link your remotes controls by WIFI to the two sequences and customise the exterior with your own style. There is some room avaiable if you need to add some rail enhancers.

      You also can cut the main corridor without fear or pain if you need a more compact concept.

      Fleet friendly !

      Your escape pod is provided with a modern Bobby AI wich allow you to create a fleet. Remotes controls will allow you to call back the pods and start launch and dock sequences.

      All feedbacks are welcome. Sorry for my basic english errors. Second upload of Pavlov Corp. Engineering !

      starmade-screenshot-0023.png starmade-screenshot-0025.png starmade-screenshot-0027.png starmade-screenshot-0021.png starmade-screenshot-0022.png starmade-screenshot-0024.png starmade-screenshot-0026.png starmade-screenshot-0028.png starmade-screenshot-0016.png starmade-screenshot-0019.png
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