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    [SIS] MP Server-Side-Custom-Block-Behavior-Config-xml 0.201.349xxx Update

    Update compatible MP-Server custom Block Behavior Config

    1. Tsnonak
      Game version:
      v0.201.142x ... v0.201.340x... Update compatible!
      [SIS] Stuck In Space is proud to release its server-side customBlockConfig.xml to the public!

      This is not an attempt to make StarMade into something it is yet not!
      There are no crazy modifications borking everything!
      Just simple improvements to the player-experience!

      Our goal is to remain close to vanilla as possible while enhancing and/or balancing to improve the player experience!

      Light improvements / Balancing that improve on the vanilla configuration.
      1. FTL jump distance improved 2x
      2. FTL charge reduction -0.5
      3. WarpGate jump distance improved 2x
      4.Warpgate power reduction - currently not implemented*
      5.Storage capacity Improved Station 10x
      6.Storage capacity Improved Ship 10x
      7.Storage capacity Improved Factory 10x
      8. Storage expander Improved 0.5x
      9. Tractor beam distance improved
      10. Repair beam distance improved
      11. Cannon Recoil reduced
      12. Temp Integrity Fix!

      Spread this to achieve similar custom configs across MP-Servers!
      Please do contact me to iron- out a server-wide compatability config!

      Check back for Updates!
      It also works for single player!

      Simple implementation...

      Just drop the extracted file into...
      Thats all!

      I also recommend using this along side the Vanilla Extension 250 Pack ...
      no point in making players wait for these!

      I would like to recommend this to all Server owners and maybe we can get a MP-server wide custom Config going!

      P.S. Both are tried and tested since 0.201.142 and proven "Update compatible"!

      Simply keep these in the custom folders and you never have to worry about Updates rewriting your custom configs!

      See you in Space!

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