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    QuickFix v006

    Game version
    v0.201.378 - 0.202.86
    Quick fixes for game releases...
    Current Release: QuickFix 006 for v0.202.86

    InertiaPow set to intended QF-default: 2.6

    MissileSpeed set to intended QF-default: 10

    This has been fixed with: v0.202.87

    For older versions goto History Tab and select appropriate download!

    Place the extracted file into the custom folder...
    PATH: /StarMade/customBlockBehaviorConfig/

    Revert back to default vanilla settings:
    delete / re-name the customConfig, done!
    Works for single-player & servers, Check back for Updates!

    v0.201.378 QuickFix:

    v0.201.378 customBlockBehaviorConfig v0013 (history tab*) Fixes the default-vanilla problem with OP - Damage Beams...
    Improved armor + damage reduction compensate shield-regeneration reduction!
    Minor power increases to all systems to drive numbers down a bit overall!
    Simple quality of life improvements since 2018!

    See Updates...

    No Pun intended with the name, just seemed like a good and logical name... and its funny.
    This has been running since 2018!

    See you in Space!
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