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    QuickFix v006

    seems QF values have been changed again...

    InertiaPow: 0.26

    missileSpeed: 10
    This is the last (planned) Update for release v0.201.378!

    Many of the changes here bring v0.201.378 closer to v0.202.87, (identical values).

    This customConfig fixes the default-vanilla problem with OP - Damage Beams, (v0.201.142 - 0.201.378)...
    Improved armor + damage reduction compensate shield-regeneration reduction!
    Minor power increases to all systems to drive numbers down a bit overall!
    Simple quality of life improvements!

    Custom-Config-Concept / Lore
    Damage Beam:
    Energy-weapons are best against shields (energy-shielding), they disrupt shield stability.
    Reduced efficiency against armor: it takes time to heat / melt blocks that are built to resist [EM] effects.

    Cannon / Missile:
    Kinetic + Thermal (heat) weapons are best against Armor.

    All types devastate systems.

    This config gives damage a new "scale"; small scale weapons will have to grind a bit to destroy armor, large scale weapons will have to work a bit harder, and [EM] based weapons are simply not the most efficient against armor.

    Death-Beam is best against Shields!

    Armor tests w/ small ships / 5block weapon-systems:

    Small weapons will take longer to penetrate, but are not useless!
    Too much for extensive, exhaustive testing... it is however looking very good, small ships are able to chew threw armor with basic weapons, without secondary or effect support!

    single (1) layer armor...

    5 block cannon:

    advanced: 43 shots: 1 block
    standard: 21 shots: 1 block
    basic: 6 shots: 1 block

    5 block missile:
    advanced: 32 shots: 1 block
    standard: 13 shots: 1 block
    basic: 4 shots: 1 block

    5-block beam: löl

    25 layers of armor...

    5-block cannon:

    advanced: 43 shots: 1 block
    standard: 19 shots: 1 block
    basic: 6 shots: 1 block

    5-block missile:
    advanced: 32 shots: 1 block
    standard: 13 shots: 1 block
    basic: 4 shots: 1 block

    weapon-systems + 100% secondary / 100% effects:

    5 block gatling cannon (cannon+cannon):

    advanced: ok.
    standard: good results.
    basic: very good results.

    Following tests performed with 250 block weapon-systems, no secondary or support, on layered armor, (25 layers).
    advanced armor:
    Missile 3 shots: 11 destroyed / 16 damaged
    Cannon 10 shots: 14 destroyed / 0 damaged
    Beam 1 shot: 0-7 destroyed / 0 damaged (0 damage also possible, results may vary*)

    standard armor:

    basic armor:
    Beam cooldown: 10 seconds
    Cannon reload: 1 second
    Missile reload: 3.3 second

    This gives us: 1-Beam-shot = 10-Cannon-shots = 3-Missile-shots

    The focus of this config is small-scale combat without having to use endless layers of armor.

    EOF... we will be continuing with v0.202.86 HERE
    Check back for Updates!