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    Seraphim/Moloch Class Cruiser Mk II [Legacy] 0.199.651

    252k PvP Warship. Good speed, strong shields, strong DPS and alpha balance.

    1. NaStral
      Game version:

      An expansion of the construction techniques that produced the Malakhim/Luvart and the Kushiel/Aeshma class frigates. The base platform possesses strong shields(30 mil and 1 mil regen) and a 1.7 thrust to mass ratio with full overdrive passive which makes it remarkably nimble for it's size. It's weapons compliment gives it significant missile alpha and strong block shredding DPS along with solid Ion based direct fire for shields. Like many LiCorp designs for Light and Dark use, armor is reduced to a citadel around the logic drive and computers as well as the auxiliary power tanks. This design also carries a good sized salvager for cleaning up enemy wreckage. Entity count and moving parts were kept to a minimum count, using collision free techniques to ensure maximum server friendliness.

      Equipped with Atheu's VFS-VoidDrive


      starmade-screenshot-0001.png starmade-screenshot-0004.png starmade-screenshot-0007.png starmade-screenshot-0003.png

      Main Body Systems:

      Direct Fire Turret Systems:
      SerMol Main Turret.png SerMol Secondary DF.png

      Indirect Fire Turret Systems:
      SerMol Missile.png
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    1. Morviuz
      Version: 0.199.651
      Awesome bruh. A benchmark for how you should build true PVP ship. Are you my long lost twin ?
    2. IKindaCrashAlot
      Version: 0.199.651
      Good ship 10/10 would download again
    3. LordSidonus
      Version: 0.199.535
      Excellent vessel design, in numbers it makes for a splendid setup.