QuickFire - TESTSHIP "QF-Ghost"

    QuickFire - TESTSHIP "QF-Ghost" ver 001

    Game version
    UNSC - Paris Class Frigate - Fit to v0.202.13 DEV-build / QuickFire Specifications.

    [SIS] CEO Tsnonak has taken the liberty to upload the first 10k+ mass Ship with QF-Config systems...

    The Hull provided by RabidBat: unsc-ghost-paris-class-frigate, (many thanks to the builder!).

    Disclaimer: This is not an optimized fit... this is a prototype for testing large ships with QuickFire-Config!

    Facts & Stats:

    A single cannon weapon system pre-installed for tests, match it to your preference.


    This is a PVP-style fit, (almost 0 Interior*).
    Single layer advanced armor, approx 238,200 blocks, + 35,000+ basic armor, + not enough standard to mention.
    This results in the ratio: approx <300,000 hull blocks to 500,000+ system blocks.
    Reactor 10,022,200 e/sec, load @ 99.9% while accelerating+reloading.
    7,598,500 e/sec diverted directly to thrusters.
    Shield radius + recharge @ minimal size required to cover hull, (capacity: 10,127,500).
    2x FTL chambers; 1x JumpDrive base + 1x JumpInhibitor base.
    It can not "tank" itself...
    Fully loaded charge-cannon(missilesecondary) will drop the shield to 51% with one shot (2% w/2 shots)...
    while the cannon-beam-combo only drops it to 91% (+ higher firerate missing? ö.Ö).
    Space for extra armor around the systems/walls has been been left free in some parts, but will of course also effect the max-speed.
    It is quickly running out of room.

    Clarification edit: I am not interested in TWR, I am interested in top-speed...
    Below is MAX_SPEED = 179.1 (of possible 297.5 server-config), then it goes negative as seen below:

    Even if it were possible to fit a reactor with 40,000,000 e/s, it wouldn't fit together with the 1.5 million thrusters.

    Please test it, rate it, criticize the fit, share your thoughts and/or provide some feedback!

    A Thread for sharing opinions / thoughts regarding the Subject can be found: Here.

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    You really don't need 75% power towards thrust, it actually makes your ship incredibly weak. Use whatever is necesary to reach 1 TWR but no more, going for 75% thrust is only viable on medium sized (10k-40k) ships wich can actually reach 3-2 TWR, at best you waste 25% of your power to get +0.3 TWR wich is just simply not worth it, On the other hand you can get +35% max speed with a single mobility chamber, and redirect the free'd up power towards combat capability.