Quasar E77 - The Mysterious Science Station

    Quasar E77 - The Mysterious Science Station v1.3

    • The systems setup of both the main entity and its turret arsenal was modernized to new configs
    • Restyled the four small offensive laser turrets
    • Removed outdated and unobtainable blocks (Power Supply and Shield Drain modules used decoratively)
    • Made fully accessible by fitting Public Permission blocks to each major plex door, access-controlling button and transporter
    • A lot of minor improvements to aesthetics and convenience
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    Finally, after 200 downloads of the original, here's the first update of Quasar E77 (Click "Read More" if the full list doesn't appear):


    • The four heavy cannon turrets were redesigned from their previous minimalistic white sphere style, to roughly resemble the drone from the movie "Oblivion"; some rail mass enhancers were added to the hidden docked entity which holds these "free-floating" turrets in their diagonal orientation.
    • Reduced AMS turret count from 30 to 10, out of performance considerations.
    • Added four laser turrets.

    • Rebalanced the shield system (the Weapons Update introduced changes which made this station's net shield recharge negative).
    • The new net recharge value is 505,000 HP/s, making the station durable against high-DPS attacks (capacity remained the same, 33mill).

    • The reactor was substantially buffed to ensure power balance when all defense systems are at max consumption (from 1.4mill to 2mill e/s; size-range unchanged).
    • Reduced chamber sizes (the Weapons Update halved the necessary number of blocks per chamber for a given reactor level).
    • Reconfigured reactor priorities (they were previously neglected and left in the default ranking).

    • Fixed the logic of the elevators that lead to the top observatory.
    • Added another discoverable secret, an animated one.
    • Added extra exterior detailing where it was most needed.
    • Added extension arms to two of the USD airlocks to facilitate the docking of larger ships.
    • Few other minor miscellaneous fixes, modifications and additions.