1. BellKitsu

      Rainbow Flyer White 1.0

      A more combat-oriented version of the Rainbow Flyer Black. Try to activate all the beams and see outside the cockpit the wonders this ship has...
    2. BellKitsu

      Rainbow Flyer Black 1.0

      Because, why not? ;)
    3. DeepspaceMechanic

      Random fun challenge: let's build a fleet :D

      Days are getting darker and colder, we have ourselves more indoors free-time boredom that better be killed with something creative, and we recently learned that all that is to be expected from the next few months of updates of our favorite videogame (StarMade!?), is the undoing/fixing of broken...
    4. DeepspaceMechanic

      Quasar E77 - The Mysterious Science Station v1.3

      AN INVITATION FOR SOME FUN: Do you have an explorer's or detective's spirit? - Then you will love Quasar E77! The main focus of this station is interior exploration, and quite some thought and effort was put into making it worth it. If you are explorative enough, there will come several points...
    5. MacThule

      Fun with Dev 201.043

      So, this probably won't last long, but if you want to have some hilarious fun in Dev build 201.043: -Admin warp to an asteroid field. -Build a tiny, fighter reactor with lots and lots of engines. -Add a big (5K modules base) Cannon-missile particle disruptor weapon to your tiny ship - power is...
    6. DeepspaceMechanic

      GAME IN A GAME: "Pixel Jet Fighter" platform v1.3

      The "Pixel Jet Fighter" platform A 2D jet-fighter-vs-enemy-cascade shooter game on a 105-pixel display! It actually works: different kinds of enemies spawn in random positions, they proceed towards you, and you can either shoot them down, or move out of their way, or else they take you out...
    7. F

      The Orion Drive

      If you've never heard of the concept of a space faring method of travel called the Orion Drive, allow me to give you the basics. You drop a nuke out the back end of your ship and ride the shock wave till you get to a fraction of the speed of light. My question is: How feasible is that...
    8. colonel lacu

      JRS-fleet screenshots and information

      In this thread I will post screenshots and information from my ships and projects. here you can also ask things from me or post pictures of what you have done with my ships. no spam please.:)
    9. Atas-Pelangi

      in-game chat option for display module

      display in-game chat on display-module. [chat]
    10. optimus04

      Craft AU Starmade Revamp

      Hi All We are currently working on refurbishing the Star made server for craft au, priority will be cleaning up the inactive factions and a general clean up we will also be looking at adding new pirate ships to add a bit of a challenge plus more that will be revealed at a later date. Cheers...
    11. Andem

      Planned Another Planet Thread

      Undoubtedly mentioned in many other threads, just thought it would be easier to see some of these planet ideas in one lcation. MOAR TYPES OF PLANETS! Volcanic Worlds Dead Worlds Crystalline Worlds War-Ravaged Worlds *Heirarchy Worlds *Species that are battle thralls for a combat species...
    12. Captain Cato

      Taskforce Ultra (recruiting)

      Taskforce Ultra is currently looking for more members if you want to have some fun with us just contact us. Travellers, Taskforce Ultra needs your assistance. Our galaxy is infested by the pirate syndicates and hostile empires and its our mission to protect our galaxy. Enlist today. We need...
    13. Reilly Reese

      CNY Vector Assault Frigate M-1 1.0

      CNY VECTOR ASSAULT FRIGATE M-1 The Vector Hull has gone through first the shipyard of NuclearFun and then into the navies of the Caldera Empire. Now it has finally been brought back into service by the Caldari Naval Yards. Brandishing a fresh paint job and some hull enhancements it still looks...
    14. SirRadAlotMore

      SRaL(M) - "Revenge of the Pig(let) King" MK I

      For Ages we hunted them, killed them, eaten them.. Their thirst for revenge has slowly this point..