Protector Class Destroyer

    Protector Class Destroyer 2.0

    Fixed some issues I found by actually walking around instead of flying or using build mode. Its now possible to traverse the ship while staying in its gravity.

    Also fixed the Multipurpose area of the ship to be more consistent.

    While moving the core is near impossible, since SmEdit is dead, ive managed to make the central area more feasible for the ship. For the faction module, and bobby AI, one must now go to the CIC. The storage has been moved to the Multipurpose Area.

    Increased missile capacity (from 20 to 26) and length/damage (added a block to each group). Each group damge is now 1000.
    starmade-screenshot-0015.png starmade-screenshot-0016.png starmade-screenshot-0017.png starmade-screenshot-0018.png starmade-screenshot-0019.png