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    This mod aims to catch and collect interesting events happening on the server:
    - Destruction of ships
    - Spawning of ships
    - Etc
    It logs important info about each of these events and stores the persistently (across server restarts). If required it summarizes the event into a publication-ready human readable "news article":

    "Ship 'Innocence' (2k mass) [BlackWork Mechanics] was lost to Ship 'RED FLOOD II' (15k mass) [bloodcrows] at sector (0, 420, 69) at Mo, Apr 12, 04:22 PM GMT"

    It is aimed to eventually build an automated news system informing players about the "interesting incident of the day" or similar.
    THIS IS AN EXPERIMENTAL VERSION AND STILL IN DEVELOPEMENT. DO NOT DEPLOY ON YOUR PUBLIC SERVER. (if you do and it corrupts your world, its not my fault.)
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