NewsCaster 1.2.1

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    This mod aims to catch and collect interesting events happening on the server:
    - Destruction of ships
    - Spawning of ships
    - Declaration of war, peace, alliances
    - System Claim
    It logs important info about each of these events and stores the persistently (across server restarts). If required it summarizes the event into a publication-ready human readable "news article":
    newscaster flush.png

    It is aimed to be a automated news system informing players about the interesting incidents

    It comes with a builtin automated broadcaster: every 5 minutes or 5 events, all events that happened since the last "flush" are printed into the chat console.
    For debugging and control, there is a chatcommand interface, use !news to get more info.
    The mod currently deletes old messages after it reaches 50 events logged, might change in the future.

    Highly modifiable with config settings through chat command interface.

    If your server crashes hard, while the savefile for the mod is written, you might get a Nullpointer on gamestart, i recommend deleting the NewsCaster moddata from your starmade install folder. Otherwise the mod wont work.
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    Latest updates

    1. 1.2.1 chat unbroken, starbridge integration
    2. 1.2.0, fixes issues with saving/loading

      switches from tons of tiny objects over to one container object. Asserts that no more double...
    3. 1.1.2 bugfix - inifinite loops, pirate logging, more config options