NDS-VFS Scyth Class Heavy MAC V5G2D3 Ausf TAC-A3

    NDS-VFS Scyth Class Heavy MAC V5G2D3 Ausf TAC-A3 V5G2D3

    Game version
    QF 202.87
    --- Project 522 ---
    Internal name: NDS-VFS Scyth Class Heavy MAC V5G2D3 Ausf TAC-A3
    Commercial name: Scyth Heavy MAC

    Long overdue and just now updated to quickfire, a collaborative turret between Atheu and me during our time in Starside.
    After the sudden loss of our friend irl we kinda left a lot of his creations in deep storage. We feel that in his honor we can put out some of his builds into a 2020 system facelift and share some brief history with the community.

    Original turret barrel build by Atheu
    Original turret base build by me
    Systems updated to quickfire
    Given minor facelift when it was included in the upload of the Salamis Assault Destroyer.

    20+ blocks of frontal turret armor
    7+ blocks all round armor

    Group DPS 600.000 under QF 202.87
    Power consumption roughly 6m e/s peak




    First release
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    5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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    Very good Heavy Turret and the basis of design for all of the turrets I am building in QF. The baseline form of this turret was ahead of its time and quite nicely fits into the new QF design philosophy.