MS-06c Zaku II (Type C: Early Production Type)

    MS-06c Zaku II (Type C: Early Production Type) 1.1a

    Excellent work. Welcome to the Starmade giant robot club.
    Thanks! Maybe someday the Zaku and your Megazord should duke it out!
    This version works perfectly. - Both the file and the logic animations are bug-free.

    I'm not sure if I can remove the previous review, but I thought I should write a new one to avoid misleading potential future downloaders who might not realize that it has been updated.

    Again, awesome project, I like how you managed to block out the weapons and some of its body parts despite the organic shapes involved. I wasn't familiar with the Zaku Gundam mecha before, but after checking a few pictures of it I can see you really nailed the overall form, good job! The animations are really nice, and I appreciate the re-organizing of the circuits, it should make future attempts at programming new animations a lot easier.

    And I recommend trying out the axe swing to others - it generates a nice red damage pulse explosion upon hitting a target.
    Awesome project! - I like how you blocked out the weapons, some of its body parts, and the overall form, despite the somewhat organic shapes involved. The animation shown on that GIF is really nice too.

    However, something seems to have went wrong with the exporting/uploading process, because the file I downloaded (the most recent update / the second version) differs from the one shown in the images. It has an unfinished axe and, strangely, it starts to perform an animation the moment it's spawn in, after which the "Stand/Fly" control changes only its left leg orientation.

    Since you wrote that the system detects whether the mech is docked or not, I speculate that the problem might be that the blueprint was saved while the mech was docked. So spawning it in is like undocking it - it changes into its flight posture automatically, which unfortunately breaks the hotbar control for this animation.

    Anyways, it's a splendid mech, and I would love to see its more ironed-out version :)
    Thank you for letting me know, I will attempt to fix it.