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    1. Muffin_man17
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      The End and New Beginnings

      The Miners Coalition have suffered many setbacks in their short time in space and many more in their long history.
      During the Coalitions initial foray into the stars they discovered large quantities of usable resources in the abundant asteroid belts surrounding their system.
      Groups large and small within the Coalition combined their resources to expand out into neighboring systems in the hope of striking it rich and beat out their rival factions.
      The Coalitions people have had to adapt to the new way in a short time. This has caused technology to advance in starts and spurts as new issues have to be worked around.
      Even their ships have been adapted to the harsh conditions within the belts from civilian transport and construction vessels.
      Eventually, others took notice of the budding Coalition and pirates began to raid and pillage many outposts.
      Much of the Miner's territory was lost due to the speed of the expansion only allowing minimal defenses being created and trained.
      The various factions within the Coalition soon saw their predicament and confirmed the need to combine all remaining resources.
      Soon many of their remaining ships had been retrofitted with weapons and armor plates instead of drills and grabber arms.
      Now the people of the Miners Coalition must work together to maintain what territory they still own and hopefully someday retake what they’ve lost.

      MC Beacon Class Scout Vessel

      During the initial expansion, the home system of the Miners was beginning to have its resources depleted. There was always an interest of what might be out in the unknown but now the need to expand was becoming the main interest. Soon the Beacon Class Scout Vessel was developed and was to be deployed as a one-man craft. Its role was to map unknown space before any colonization efforts would be put into action. Equipped with strong scanning electronics to map large areas with ease paired with a high max speed to allow the vessel to cover wide distances. Even to this day the vessel is still used in service and plays an important role in the fleet.





      Builder's note: When I was trying to come up with a design I wanted for a scout ship I wanted something that was pretty barebone when compared to the other ships in the faction so I excluded any armor plates that you would normally find with ships of the MC. It's also asymmetrical which is always refreshing :) I did in-fact forget to add a toilet yet alone a bathroom with the size constraints but hey that's what the airlock is for right?... Really had fun coming up with this design, of course open to any ideas for this ship or for the faction.

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    1. MChain
      Version: 2018-04-11
      At first I thought it is some kind of a system claim beacon. You know, a tiny and dirt cheap outpost to mark the system as taken. Then I've discovered she is a ship xD

      Anyways, this little vessel is great. Going for "only necessary plating" actually benefits this little guy, making her stand out of most ships here.

      And I'd add an extra star if it was possible at all... OF COURSE for creative use of airlock xD xD xD
      1. Muffin_man17
        Author's Response
        Hey, appreciate the review! Haha yeah, I've been told that the ship looks like a satellite. Glad you liked the airlock "Feature" :p