MAGMATRON - My Ultimate Planet Miner v1.4

    A well-built planetary mining monster with two huge rotary mining disks.

    1. DeepspaceMechanic
      Game version:
      0.199.646 (Classic systems)
      Allow me to introduce one of my latest and proudest creations, Magmatron PM-4720, a good old planetary mining monster.

      Note that I named this ship before knowing that there is a Transformers character with the same name (my name choice is explained in its core room).

      Have fun with it and please share your opinion!

      - Two huge, high-performance, downward-facing mining disks that can be rotated;
      - A very nice cargo bay with 3 mineral/metal ore aggregate containers that can be moved outside the ship;
      - A beautiful interior with lots of nice roleplay elements, lots of fun immersive content;

      - Five powerful engine pods and a high thrust-mass ratio to allow rapid acceleration;
      - A 35% overdrive system that brings the ship up to a top speed of 160 m/s;
      - Two jumpdrives;

      - Engine glow lights that can be turned On/Off from the hotbar;
      - Nice airlocks with an original door movement design;
      - Five compact anti-missile turrets, plus two medium-to-heavy sized rapid-fire cannon turrets, etc.

      - Make sure to TURN ON THE "INHERIT THRUST" option on this ship in the "Thrust" menu, because the two mining modules have a mass of 5,300 each, but they also have enough thrusters to exceed the 1:1 ratio (and thus can be piloted separately, used as mining ships on their own);

      - You must turn On the "CargoPullSwitch" inner-ship remote to be able to transfer the goods gathered by the mining modules from their storage to the main ship's internal storage - then you must turn that remote Off to be able to spin the mining modules.

      - This upload is a package of the Sment files of the ship itself, plus the mining modules and the cargo elevators.

      Magmatron at PetroFlux.jpg

    Recent Reviews

    1. darknassius
      Version: v1.3
      again a other very nice miner !! nice job !!
      1. DeepspaceMechanic
        Author's Response
        Thank you! - I'm glad that you like it! :)
    2. Star-Boy
      Version: v1
      This ship looks great. I love a mining ship with a real industrial feel to it. I think the downward facing beams would be a bit of a pain in the butt to aim but I suppose it would be fine if you only mine planets. I'd love to see a variant with one big disc which flips down so that it faces forward instead.
      1. DeepspaceMechanic
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the review, I'm glad you like it! - Yes, this setup can make asteroid mining frustrating, but I had a salvager specialized for planet mining in mind when I started building this (I just wish one day planet mining will be a less resource-intensive thing). But your flipping disk suggestion is a great idea, thanks, I will try to make a version like that eventually :-)