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    My very first upload. I haven't figure how to upload so I attached it to a dropbox, let me know if you have trouble downloading it. It's based of the Medium/Light Fighter from Elite Dangerous. True to its roots, it is a light weight, highly maneuverable fighter, that relies dodging attacks rather than taking them, and the Gutaymaya variant of the Corp Dynamics Eagle. I'll save you the lore, and the history lesson. It fly's and pew pew lasers.

    This version features a cargo bay for a small landing drone (I usually stuff a 3x3 drone in here for exploring space stations), a small bed (mainly for show), and some storage. It is a solid little fighter, but due to it's lack of heavy armaments it is best used in larger squadrons.

    You can access the weapon pylons from the hatches in the cargo hold, and customize the load out. This version is equipped with 2 Cannons and 1 Missile Launcher. In my game, I use it as a carrier based fighter, so the design has been kept pretty compact, and cheap. If one is lost in combat, just like the fighter it's based off of, no worries, their easy to replace. You'll have rail dockers on the top and bottom for loading it on the underside or topside of a carrier.

    Why Red? It's based off my fighter from the game. Also, I felt Imperial White, like the actual in game default paint was boring. I may make a more traditional white one in the future, but for now, feel free to enjoy, my little red fighter.
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