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    Jem'hadar Dreadnaught (hull) 2016-10-01

    Star Trek factions collection

    1. OmegaGame
      This particular ship is the biggest and baddest the dominion had to offer. The top portion nacelles could potentially make for one hell of an ion turret as well. There is a small gap line in the center of the ship when trying to paste two identical sides. But it should be easy enough to fix by simply filling it in with blocks. Hope to see a completed ship in the not to distant future.


    Recent Reviews

    1. gregolegomonkey
      Version: 2016-10-01
      This is actually on my list of stuff that I want to build... it just got moved up waaaaay farther.
    2. Tamren Shade
      Tamren Shade
      Version: 2016-10-01
      I had forgotten about this ship!