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    Klingon "Somraw" Raptor 2018/2/23

    Updated with new systems. power and color scheme

    1. OmegaGame
      Game version:
      This is a 24th century variant of a Klingon raptor with a length of 105m. It doesn't have every square inch covered with interior as i prefer my ships to have more bite then RP. But it has a bridge nonetheless.

      Here is the source material: raptor-views.jpg

      Here is the vessel: starmade-screenshot-0288.png

      Here is sneak peek at the next Klingon vessel to be uploaded for my Klingon fleet when complete..


      1. starmade-screenshot-0281.png

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    1. Updated with new power system

    Recent Reviews

    1. vancleef
      Version: 2018/2/23
      This is awesome thanku! I fancied building a raptor myself but im a shit builder
    2. Snowtiger256
      Version: 2017-06-18
      Impressive ship!

      I tested the weapons and did not find any power problems firing missiles, cannons and moving at the same time. As Omega said there is a high initial drain, but the ship never loses power completely, and recharges fast.
    3. Mahanian
      Version: 2017-06-18
      The raptor’s weapons need to be improved, and a little more detail on the wings would be nice; however, this ship is agile and has a stunning interior. majQa'!

      The torpedoes drain the power of the ship when they are fired even when the ship isn’t moving; this ship depends on its manoeuvrability to survive in a combat situation, and when firing a torpedo drains all the power, this is a major problem.
      1. OmegaGame
        Author's Response
        It doesn't drain all of the power. Just the majority of it to maximize lethality. You would have no issue firing the missiles and moving forward and firing cannons as 5%-10% of the power still remains and recharges fast even while using the cannons immediately afterward. I tested this dozens of times without issue. I suspect you did not however