J-Tech Robin Class Recon Fighter

    J-Tech Robin Class Recon Fighter 1.1

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    J-Tech proudly presents the Robin Class Long Range Reconnaissance Fighter, a small fighter meant to help explore at a low cost. It is multi role being able to fight, explore, and even salvage a little.

    Reactor: 3,300 With Scanner Strength 5, Jump distance 3, and jump autocharge. Fully Stabilized.
    Shields: 6,000 With 300 charge
    Weapons: DamageBeam/Cannon with 64 mods. Missile/Missile with 72 mods.
    Salvage: Salvager with 16 mods.
    Thrust: 2.5 Ratio
    Storage: 2.1k

    Also included is the wheel in the center which spins automatically. It serves no practical function other than to look cool.


    This is actually by far my favorite fighter I have created. It's a blast to fly around and I think it looks great. (Personal opinion.) I loved it so I thought I'd share it with you all! Thanks! More content coming soon.
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    1. Robin Class Recon Fighter QF update.

      An updated version of the Robin class made for QF configs. Its not great since it wasn't...

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    I really like the design and the versatility built into it. It makes a good auxiliary craft to fit to a larger vessel. You picked a good color palette and ensured it has lots of details. The central wheel part is indeed a nice touch but could use some details of it's own that could for instance make it a "shield emitter" or some such.

    There are a couple things that worry me about it's use. For one, having the reactor right up front at the nose of the craft leaves it vulnerable, especially from return fire from its targets. The rail docker location is a bit odd and not many craft have hangars fit to handle it in that configuration unless they have extra rails on the walls, for instance. It's also missing one extra element that would boost it's utility; an astromech unit to allow it to act as a repair unit for a parent craft. But then I only say that because I see it's combination of modules already as kind of unusual and especially fit for a utility auxiliary. Maybe a second variant with an astromech?

    Visually, the only thing that bugs me is the vertical stabilizers on either side of the wheel; if they had wedges or slabs to give them a smoother slope, they'd be a lot more attractive. Same could go for the glass/forcefield blocks; using 1/4 wedges would make those ridges less jarring and the appearance overall a little smoother.

    All in all a solid build and I like it
    A great and honest review. Thank you! You are totally right about the smoothness, I'll get on changing that. As for the docker it is specifically catered to the docks I use on certain ships and stations. It isn't intended to really be used as anything more than a long range scout without a parent ship, so an astromech would be a waste for myself but feel free to add one. As for the reactor I'll take that into account for future builds. Really its because the back is split into 4 sections that I had to put the reactor in the front. All in all its a great review and I appreciate the time you took to give me some pointers and constructive criticism!