elite dangerous

    1. E

      Imperial Eagle Red 0.202.87

      My very first upload. I haven't figure how to upload so I attached it to a dropbox, let me know if you have trouble downloading it. It's based of the Medium/Light Fighter from Elite Dangerous. True to its roots, it is a light weight, highly maneuverable fighter, that relies dodging attacks...
    2. Guard13007

      ED Adder Hull 1

      A small hull inspired by Elite: Dangerous's Adder. Unlike my other ships from Elite: Dangerous, this does not have an interior, as I couldn't decide how it should be customized.
    3. Guard13007

      ED Sidewinder 1

      A small version of the Sidewinder from Elite: Dangerous. Minimal reactor, thrusters, with mobility chamber and cannons. Roleplay-ready. :P 5a9602e3e56f4861aed81e51b05ed5da ED Sidewinder by Guard13007 on Sketchfab
    4. Guard13007

      ED Hauler 2

      A small version of the Hauler from Elite: Dangerous. Minimal reactor and thrusters. Roleplay-ready. :P 4ca3c3600c1c4015a1b2fb62e26fd194 ED Hauler V2 by Guard13007 on Sketchfab