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    HS LillyPad M2 2014-07-17

    Yada Corperations

    1. psteiner
      The HSS Lillypad is not really a ship at all, its the first station offered by the Yada corporations! Sporting 18 turrets, medium shielding, and two medium docking platforms for small to medium small fighters and heavy fighters; the Lillypad is truly a multipurpose station. The HSS Lillypad is mainly used for sector defense, planetary defense, a rest stop, and a meeting place. For safety, the Lillypad also comes with 4 included escape pods located in the main section of the station. It also comes equipped with small thrusters for getting to places.

      Sorry, I had to post this resource on a new thread for the new version due to problems with the original. Enjoy!

      For more ships and designs, see http://starmadedock.net/threads/yada-corperations.74/


      Power: 200692.3 at 458638.6 e/s
      Shielding: 1233225 at 27332 sh/s
      Mass: 13202.8 (128323 blocks)
      Thrust: 667.4

      Medium to heavy shielding
      Large interior
      4 conference rooms
      18 turrets (8 duel barreled AMC's with salvage lasers, 8 single barreled AMC's, 2 large AMC snipers)
      Well lit interior and exterior
      4 escape pods
      2 medium docking platforms
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    Recent Reviews

    1. Commander_Magnus
      Version: 2014-07-17
      Good ship-station vessel. small turrets with short range but the shields are good (even though recharge is a bit small). It is good for all mentioned points above and I like the escape pods. If possibly, would like to use it for my faction and change the coloring of it, add and edit some parts and use it as a faction ship. I would ofc mention that it was based on the Yada Corperations HS LillyPad. If that's ok with you?
      1. psteiner
        Author's Response
        Use it, no reference required.