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    Hawker Class Strike Craft 2019-04-11

    fast, Drone like Ship, brilliant for Drone fleets and sector lock-down duty's

    1. crazyf22raptor
      Game version:
      The Hawker class strike craft, is a retrofitted drone ship given pilot control capability. the ships are brilliant as pack hunters, in packs of 5+ ships as drone fleets or, used as piloted crafts in strike missions.
      [​IMG] total view of ship
      the ship has 2 beam drivers, as its primary weapons, with 2 fusion torpedoes for its secondary guns.
      [​IMG] rear view
      the ships frame is light and fast, allowing it to evade incoming fire with its 2.2 thrust mass ratio.
      [​IMG] cockpit view
      the ships exterior was built by Plaz (me), systems were co built by Plaz and Jake_Lancia, interior made by Jake_Lancia

      you can view the detailed Lore of the ship here:

    Recent Reviews

    1. MeRobo
      Version: 2019-04-11
      I like this ship
    2. 3than2021
      Version: 2019-04-11
      Much better than any ship of its size I have built
      1. crazyf22raptor
        Author's Response
        its good overall, but i am not happy with the systems and pilot section of the ship, i think i am going to try squeeze out some more firepower from it and defensive capability's, the core might be to large for whats needed.