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    Gator-class patrol corvette (Two color variants) v1

    3,500 mass corvette | Beam weapons | Stylish hull | Orange&Green and Black&White variants

    1. DeepspaceMechanic
      Game version:

      Random corvette-sized ship. Download package contains a reptilian and a police style color scheme variant. Focused on hull design with this project, with quite satisfying results. Named "Gator" for its shape, mainly of its "head/nose". Has only a cockpit for interior, rest of internal space is fully filled with systems. Two 1800 DPS, free-floating AMS turrets docked above and below main body.

      Download page of AMS turret: Free-floating drone AMS turret
      Download page of experimental vertical "island" ship reusing five units of this ship's hull: Gator patrol corvette quintet

      MASS: 3,550
      WEAPONRY: 2x 1680-module simple beams
      POWER: 177,000 e/s - 28% stabilization
      SHIELD: 865,000 HP - 77,000 HP/s net recharge
      THRUST: 1.6 TMR
      CHAMBERS: None