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    Gator patrol corvette quintet (ACTUALLY ONE SHIP!) v1.2

    Experimental vertical "island" ship | Heavy manual turrets | Mistakable for a fleet of five ships

    1. DeepspaceMechanic
      Game version:

      Is this a fleet of 5 ships and 4 drones? - NO.

      It's a vertical ship with 2 heavy and 4 AMS turrets. - YES!

      MIDDLE SHIP: main core, shield recharger (in center), and shield capacity banks (in front and back)
      BOTTOM SHIP: reactor (in center), and shield capacity banks (in front and back)
      TOP SHIP: thrusters (in center), and stabilizers (in front and back)
      LEFT AND RIGHT SHIPS: offensive turrets with 13,200-module simple beams each (bases docked internally)
      FOUR DRONES: AMS turrets with 90/90 cannon/cannon setups each (bases docked internally)

      Either choose to occupy yourself only with flying the ship while the AI modules control the turrets, or select turret control on your hotbar to operate those two corvette-sized turrets yourself. Enjoy! ;)

      TOTAL MASS: 17,600
      POWER: 1,010,000 e/s - 30% stabilization
      SHIELD: 2,600,000 HP - 206,000 HP/s net recharge
      THRUST: 1.4 TMR
      CHAMBERS: None

      Download page of the single-ship version: Gator-class patrol corvette (Two color variants)

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    Recent Reviews

    1. wizard_fish
      Version: v1.2
      I'm a bit confused as to why they're all just one ship but they look cool
      1. DeepspaceMechanic
        Author's Response
        I myself have built this thing mostly for the coolness factor of flying around with not one ship, but a whole "fleet". But it also was an experiment in systems design.

        The main determinant of a ship's power is, well, its power generation. But the larger a reactor is, the larger the ship has to be, at least in one of its dimensions. Because as you scale upward in power, you need ever increasing distances between reactor and stabilizers to get the full out of it.

        And since there's more than 150m between the bottom ship (which houses the reactor) and the top ship (which houses the stabilizers), this thing generates a little over 1 mill e/s, which is more that five times the output of a single unit of this ship. I don't know about its other combat pros and cons, but it's fun to play with :)