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    This is a high-performance AMS turret, built to resemble a self-propelled drone. As such, it's meant to be installed on free-floating turret axis blocks, with no contact with the structure it's meant to protect.

    This design eliminates several problems when trying to build anti-missile systems on smaller structures, including:
    • Not having sufficiently large, flat surfaces to attach AMS turrets to
    • Not having good spots where the base parts wouldn't hit surrounding blocks when rotating
    • Not having good spots where the gun parts would have large fields of fire (without the mother structure in the way)
    • Not being able to have properly powerful, surface-mounted AMS turrets without them looking oddly large (compared to the mother structure)
    None of these classic issues arise when using such "drone turrets" which can be placed anywhere around even the smallest of ships or stations. And they may even add a factor of coolness to the things they guard/escort.

    Size: 9 x 9 x 11
    Movement: limitless, no collisions possible
    Weapon: 90 cannon + 90 cannon, 1800 DSP
    Power consumption when firing: 3600 e/s

    1.png 2.png 3.png

    NOTE: It's optimized for singleplayer installation (with the spawn-on-rail Admin Load option). The base entity is inside the gun entity, and neither core is reachable. If you want to mount this turret on public servers without admin privileges, make and save a modified version with a build block on the surface, and thrusters/power/camera built on the base entity, externally.
    1) hop in build block
    2) switch to base entity in build mode
    3) fly and dock to mother entity
    4) remove external thrusters/power/camera
    5) switch back to gun entity
    6) remove build block
    7) switch to mother entity
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