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    Freedom class light cruiser 2014-09-18

    Yada Corperations

    1. psteiner
      The Freedom class is the Yada corporation's fast attack vessel. All freedom class vessels come equipped with cutting edge multicluster quark drives, and new anti friction plating. The freedom class is also the very first design ever distributed by the organisation to include a fully functional HYPERSPACE JUMP DRIVE! The Freedom class is armed for heavy orbital bombardment, and for anti capital action; with 4 phased array antimatter rocket launchers, 10 standard antimatter projectile turrets, a heavy torpedo launcher, and a basic cannon. It also includes a fully functioning interior, capable for sustaining a crew of 4 for periods of up to 2 years, a heavy shielding system, a new plasma reactor system, and core room design.

      For more ships and designs, see http://starmadedock.net/threads/yada-corperations.74/page-4#post-47346

      Reactor room

      Core room




      Space observation room

      Side view

      Back view

      Middle-back view

    Recent Reviews

    1. lightcoet86
      Version: 2014-09-18
      i give 2 stars for idea and 2 for color choice. but needs to come out of the box style design then i woulf give it full rateing