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    Factory Ship-Server or SP use 1.0

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    This ship is designed to be relatively easy to produce early on in a world/server. As such, basic armor is frequently used. Feedback will be applied to a number of projects that will use a utilitarian, industrial look at some point. Images were taken at various points along the development.

    This factory ship is designed to operate independently for extended periods of time. It comes equipped with 4 "mini miners", 2 cargo barges each capable of storing 18k units of cargo, and a rotary salvage array for asteroid harvesting. Cargo is automatically transferred to an onboard storage unit when the array is retracted.
    Deployed array:

    The array can be activated to rotate or while remaining stationary. Here's a video of an earlier model of the array firing (functionality is the same):

    And here is a video of the array deploying and retracting:
    The ship also comes with a Flight Operations Center where all docks can be controlled.

    The "mini miners" can be accessed by exterior travel (on foot) or via a transporter network (the links may need to be reset upon loading)
    Exterior view showing all docks and some custom symbols:

    Finally, the ship comes equipped with 12 factories (2 basic, 4 standard, 3 advanced, and 3 capsule refineries) for production.

    Ship stats:
    • Reactor
      • Recharge: 236,700 e/sec at 100% stabilization
      • Stealth Drive
        • Strength 5
        • Anti Lock-On
        • Radar Jammer
        • Permanent Duration
        • Power Efficiency 3
      • Jump Drive
        • Autocharge
        • Charge Speed 2
        • Distance 2
        • Power Efficiency 2
    • Shields
      • 255,000 HP with 8,265 HP/sec
    • 1.9 TWR
    • ~700K combined onboard storage (295K for raw resources, 390K for processed)
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