Cerberus Destroyer - Hades' Star

    Cerberus Destroyer - Hades' Star 2020-05-28

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    This ship idea was from another game called Hades' Star. Here is a link to the relevant wiki page: Cerberus Ships

    The Cerberus Destroyer's description is "These mysterious Cerberus ships are known to jump in Red Stars and destroy entire planets with their powerful beams. They do not directly fire on your ships." My personal interpretation of this was that of a miner. To that end, a couple of friends and I created what we thought the Destroyer would look like as a miner.

    One of the main attributes of the ship is the large ball turret which houses the mining array (seen below centered on the lava). The orientation may make operating it a bit confusing at first. There are two cameras to allow the player to adjust the mining array without needing to stop.

    The Cerberus ships are likely AI-driven, as such, an interior was not strictly necessary (I understand that some may feel otherwise, but this decision was a personal one). The Destroyer does have a relatively elaborate command center which has direct access to the mining array via a logic-controlled walkway.

    Ship stats:
    • Size: 55x38x126
    • Reactor output:665,800 at 100% stabilization
      • FTL Chamber (Jump Drive)
        • Auto charge
        • Distance 3
        • Multi Charge 3
      • Mobility Chamber (Anti Gravity 2)
      • Logistics Chamber (Mining Bonus 2)
    • Shielding: 383,500 capacity with 24,430 recharge/sec
    • Thrust: Max speed of 150 m/s
    • Salvage Array
      • 3223 Main size in 194 groups
      • 1:1 support from cannon computer
      • 572k storage
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