Prucheritt-Class Armored Cruiser 1.0

    Heavy cruiser that can fill a variety of roles

    1. Forsyth
      Game version:
      This ship was created for DeepspaceMechanic's fleet challenge on the forums.


      This cruiser was designed as a frontline assault vessel capable of taking a beating and dishing out one as well. The ship utilizes dual shield generators that overlap at the bridge, providing excellent defense. The ship can operate alone or as part of a fleet.

      The reactor is capable of supporting all turrets in addition to primary weapons.

      The ship utilizes three weapons: A cannon-cannon system designed for larger ships; a beam-cannon system designed for stripping the hull from stations and ships, and a missile-cannon system for protection against lighter craft.

      Of course, a ship this size will need turrets. This ship uses 7 turrets: 2 medium MG turrets for protection against lighter craft, four light beam turrets for additional forward firepower, and one heavy artillery turret for attacking large ships or stations.
      The ship's wings are designed to protect the ship from initial attacks, and the ship itself is heavily armored. Because of the mass of the ship, it is somewhat slow to accelerate, although this becomes less of an issue when properly supported.

      The ship also has a hangar with two light vessels, a bomber and a fighter/shuttle.

      The ship also has 47k units of cargo storage, so it can be used to transport valuable cargo in hostile space.

      The "scoring" on the ship was designed to mimic its role as a combat vessel, showing weapon impacts and a scorch mark from a beam. I did actually shoot it and fixed the hull to mimic the randomness of StarMade impacts.

      Please leave comments/feedback!

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      Cargo compartment:

    Recent Reviews

    1. WildRage64
      Version: 1.0
      Btw, this is a corvette. Cruisers are a lot bigger. The hull shape is pretty cool. The interior needs a work. You should defiantly observe other builds and gather ideas for your designs
    2. klawxx
      Version: 1.0
      *Re-posting to expand the info...

      Hey, thank you for sharing your ship with us!

      I will try do post some hints and tips to improve your technique. Who knows, you may be our next StarLord_Luke =)

      1) Outside:
      + Overall, the ships is interesting. You found a very cool shell shape. I really like it.

      + I think it would look better if you could find a way to hid the thruster blocks with an nozzle, people here usually use ice blocks with colored lights to do it. IF wanted an alien looking, completely hiding thrusters could achieve that.

      + You need to lean how to do rail doors. replacing your plex with them could really improve your technique. If you did had some kind of space constrain (which is not the case on this ship) you could still use plex, but integrate with slabs, blast doors, force-fields and glass door blocks to achieve an interesting "door shape".

      + I think the color pallet you choose combined with the details you did in black and white suggests an derelict ship. This is an good niche you could explore.

      + If you wanted your ship to look more alive, you could add some motherboard blocks, struts, and other decorative blocks in some sections. Varying the armor type and adding some slabbing can also help to add variety.

      + Using wedges and slabs could be used to create vents and aerodynamic (I know its space, but you got the idea) sections which turns the ship more interesting. Behind the vent grills and crystal could show that there's engine activity.

      2) Inside:
      + The game char have ~2 blocks height so if you want to make an human liveable/believable ship, you need to place the bridge computers and systems 1 block higher.

      + There's no chairs, tables or stations. You could add some using wedges as chairs. People usually go for ingot wedges, for those plastic or metalic chairs or maybe brown advanced armor, for leather-like effect. An Inverted black basic wedge, for example could be an small table. But your imagination it the only constrain here.

      + Try adding mainframes using the deco computers. The weapon tubes could be used to simulate ship conduits, you dont need to connect weapon computers to them for this use.

      + You could also use terminals to display some garbage text, simulating an alien language or if you want an human ship, copy some random lore from the internet on them. You don't necessarily need to use logic on them to attain some cool effects. I use teleporter pads as radar screens.

      + There's a problem with the side corridors that go from the docking bay to the bridge. They have a 90 degrees turn in one point where they loose their shape and becames excessively tight. Try to maintain the proportions when you do these connection points.

      + You could make your corridors a lot more interesting using columns, computer panels and slabs. Also need some internal color variation, like a continuous stripe "painted" on the walls, using and standard armor block or a motherboard block, for example.

      3) Systems:
      + Your reactor is too small. You could use one a lot bigger if you relocate some of your stabilizers.

      + Also, you have a lot of empty space, try to fill them with shield capacitors (remember to build them in groups, you could have a max of 20).

      + You have am abysmally low thrust / mass ratio. 0.1 ( !!! ). you could use you empty space to insert thruster blocks.

      + Regarding the ship classification, this hull size / reactor size could indicate an light cruiser or even a frigate. This is debatable tho, since theres no real starmade standards for that. I would call a cruiser (a standard one) something around 250m and a 1 million e/sec reactor.

      Have fun!
      1. Forsyth
        Author's Response
        Thanks for feedback. I will keep working on my skills (Power 2.0 and Weapons update threw me for a bit of a loop) and will hopefully turn out some better content in the future
    3. MChain
      Version: 1.0
      The hull while complex in shape is pretty boring, the interior is too plain, plus with this mass and stats it is aat max a corvette... Cruisers are usually 300-500m long and half-a-million mass units weight (of course there are some extreme designs built for efficiency and weighting far less, but this is not the case).

      But a good ship for one of the first uploads. Keep up the good work. Try using more decorative blocks and making walls less flat ;-) Explore some other people progects for tips on exterior and interior (personally would recommend Darknassius, Tech-Priest, Nocturna and other top builders, not someone like me xD ). Explore porn themes (YES I KNOW how it sounds; especially engine porn and interior porn) on forums, all experts on building converge there. Learn and you will become one of top tier builders yourself, you have what it takes, just it seems not much experience...