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    Compact SpaceShip V 1.0 2015-03-08

    ship fighter

    1. sergey1710
      AMC system with about 100% support for fast fire rate. Guided missile doing about 40k damage. Interiour. Logic doors.

      Mass: 712,7 (7127 blocks)
      Lenght: 47m, Height: 15m, Width: 21m
      Power capacity: 500828,4 Power recharge: 51498,9 e/sec
      Thrust: 463,7
      Shield capacity: 75005 Shield recharge: 3800 s/sec

      starmade-screenshot-0000 (1024x576).jpg starmade-screenshot-0001 (1024x576).jpg starmade-screenshot-0002 (1024x576).jpg starmade-screenshot-0003 (1024x576).jpg starmade-screenshot-0004 (1024x576).jpg starmade-screenshot-0005 (1024x576).jpg