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    Nova Battleship V2 2016-01-20

    Nova battleship, systems only

    1. sergey1710
      starmade-screenshot-0000.png starmade-screenshot-0003.png starmade-screenshot-0001.png
      The Nova Battleship Fighting version.
      This ship was pretty outdated so I had to replace the systems and replace all the hull. Please appreciate the work.

      The Nova is a battleship, its made to kill stuff. People say you cant fit alot of systems into nice ships but I have proven them wrong, as you see here it got an extreme amount of details and the fighting skills are good too. Please rate the ship, Im currently working on the Nova exploration. This version will only have interiour.
      starmade-screenshot-0003.png starmade-screenshot-0004.png starmade-screenshot-0005.png starmade-screenshot-0006.png
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