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    Phobos corvette class 2018-10-30


    1. sergey1710
      Game version:
      After a few updates I decided to update one of my best ships, looks wise. The new Phobos has improved stats all over the place because of the docked hull.

      This ship also got reviewed by Raiben

      Some stats:
      1.1 mil shields
      Thrust/mass: 1.5
      Mobility chamber: topspeed 2, turn speed 3.
      Docked hull
      Improved interiour
      Weapons actually fire from the big gunz ( before the weapons update I couldnt decide if the weapon was focused or unfocused)


    Recent Reviews

    1. osXFan
      Version: 2018-10-30
      Very nice design in both look and function
      1. sergey1710