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    Name: Claideb-HSF-V1
    Class: Combat (attacker)
    The Calideb Heavy Space Fighter, or the Calideb-HSF-V1 is a Heavily armored and armed combat ship designed to act as a long-medium range suppression of hostile fighters, as well as an ideal fighter/bomber capable of quickly delivering damage at various ranges to frigates and capital ships. What it may lack in speed, modifiability or simplicity like it’s light and medium counterparts, it makes up for that in sheer offensive power.

    Armed with a repeating volley cannon, a machine gun, a 4 barrel beam array and 4 barrel dumbfire missiles, the Claideb can easily deliver the finishing blow to weakened fighters and downed capital ships if there is no heavy bomber available. Another offensive and defensive feature is the fact that the length and width of the ship can support a single double barrel turret that can easily be programmed for either additional fire power, or a low grade anti missile gun.

    It also, like the bodkin and Spatha, has level 3 FTL drive, allowing it to travel great distances on it’s own without a carrier. Along with an autochanger mechanism, this allows the Calideb to maneuver from destination to destination without drawing too much attention away from any hazards or flight checks.

    Along with power a power amplification chamber and a base shield boost, this makes any Calideb a challenge for any unprepared ship to take on, as while it may be vulnerable to flanking, it’s endurance and potential for devastating an head-on attack make it a significant asset for any fighter squadron.



    Length : 43 meters meters
    Width: 51 meters meters
    Hieght: 7 meters (not including upper turret)

    Mass: 601.3 (not including turret)

    Blocks: 3,548 (not including turret)

    Health: 13,760

    Speed: 248.6 meters

    Power stability: 278.0

    Shields: 12.1k (175.0 regen)

    Cargo: 2.5 k


    1. Machine gun (CC), 1 barrel, range: 6000 meters, 37.3 approximate damage
    2. Repeating cannon ( C ), 4 barrel, range: 9000 meters, 757.70 approximate damage
    3. Beam array (B) , 4 Barrel, range: 9000 meters, 197.2 approximate damage
    4. Dumb fire missiles (M), 4 barrel, range: 6000 meters, 4,306.8 approximate damage
    5. Turret (c), 2 barrel, range 900 meters, approximate damage of 108.2


    Jump Drive Base, Jump distance level 3, Autocharge

    Power base upgrade

    Base shield enhancement
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