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    Star Trek: USS Advent 2015-09-19

    TOS Electronic Warfare Destroyer

    1. GaeasSon
      Scanners, Jammers and Jump Interdiction

      Systems are not fully balanced yet. Input is welcome.

      Advent.png AdvStats.png

    Recent Reviews

    1. berlinletsP
      Version: 2015-09-19
      very very nice ships. but there are few minor sins like you can see certain logic systems od airlocks from astronauts mode.
      I miss a shuttle bay and u could .update the models with transporter rooms.
      However the bridge, floors, turbo lifts and the machine room perfectly match the original. it feels like being in the series.
    2. Brain_Dawgs
      Version: 2015-09-19
      I can't seem to find the button that controls the interdiction system.

      On a minor note it would be neat if this ship and the Heston had design aspects to them that would make them unique to the Constitution class. It's neat to fly around in a different federation ship, but its hard to shake the feeling that your flying just another copy of the enterprise or Saladin.

      Other than that it's a good ship.