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    Ambassador Class Trading Hub .1836

    Contest Submission (updated 2014/08/04)

    1. GaeasSon
      ** Full description and many more images here: http://gaeasson-shipwright.blogspot.com/2014/08/trade-station-final.html **

      • 4 isanth-zero capable hangars
      • 2 heavy defensive turrets
      • medical (spawn) bays
      • Shop
      • Faction module
      • Plex lifters with floor-closing logic
      • Blinky-light logic
      • Hangar bay door docking logic
      • Door opening logic, (on some doors)
      • improved hangar deck.
      • Back alleys, service corridors, and service ways.
      • Modeled life-support infrastructure
      • Decorative carved stone inlays
      • Color coded station quadrants so you don't get lost.
      • Hotel rooms
      • Cafeterias
      • Better supplied medical facilities
      • Warning blocks near hazardous areas
      • Signs, more signs

      ** Full description and many more images here: http://gaeasson-shipwright.blogspot.com/2014/08/trade-station-final.html **


      1. starmade-screenshot-0055.png
      2. starmade-screenshot-0064.png
      3. starmade-screenshot-0066.png
      4. starmade-screenshot-0068.png
      5. starmade-screenshot-0070.png
      6. starmade-screenshot-0079.png
      7. starmade-screenshot-0093.png
      8. starmade-screenshot-0094.png
      9. starmade-screenshot-0098.png
      10. starmade-screenshot-0101.png
      11. starmade-screenshot-0106.png
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    Recent Reviews

    1. richard_cypher
      Version: 0.1617a
      dang, when i first saw this i thought, Giant pyramid meh. But once i saw the exploded version of the outside i instantly changed my view. The basic shape of the Pyramid mixed with the little details made for a real pleasing ship to look at. Plus with the interior all the little details are amazing. Love the use of decorative patterns on the wall and floor. It gives it a little extra umph to it. but the table... i love the tables. Anyway, great design. looks pretty awesome.
    2. Maranello
      Version: 0.1617
      This is a really impressive station, especially because you've managed to turn a quite basic shape into an awesome base! With this update you've added some quite impressive details, which suits this station very well.

      unfortunatly there are some light-effects that dont work out that well with eachother. I love these cells with light fading from purple/pink to blue. They are amazing :D the only problem is that they dont fit with green and red lights, like you have near your docks.

      I recommend looking up Complimentary colours, aswell as staying with a colour-theme without too many different colours.

      Other than that, I seriously LOVE this station and want it to look as good as possible!
    3. SmilingDemon
      Version: 0.159882
      Finaly had time to take a look! ... wow ... It feels big and spacy but not empty at the same time! Also nice interior with well placed display blocks and descriptions. Lighting and use of colors is good. The overall geometric design is great. I tried a thing like that a year ago (2 Pyramids glued to each other ;) ) your version is far supirior over my humble try ;)
    4. Aridhol
      Version: 0.15997
      Wow! This thing is excellent. I'd love to see this in game
      1. GaeasSon
        Author's Response
        Thank you kindly! I would too. I'm fairly proud of this beast.