1-Bit Memory Module 8-Bit Addressed

    1-Bit Memory Module 8-Bit Addressed v.3.0

    Game version
    1-bit memory modules store one bit at 256 addresses for random access reading / writing in logic circuits. All RAM blocks are built off of these memory modules (while modern ones are much larger in address space) so optimizing them is key to optimizing the 8-bit RAM block's size and efficency.

    Version 1.0
    Used in my previously shared 8-bit 8-addressed RAM block logical circuit that was shared before templates which is why it utilized so many wireless connectors and rails as it allowed me to uses docked entities to save time cloning repetitive circuitry.
    Seperated from that blueprint and reuploaded for continuity however check back here later for more updated, denser, and more efficient versions of the 1-bit memory module using templates as I plan on updating this circuit very soon so please be sure to check under the updates tab.

    I hope you find these templates/blueprints useful you can check out my older RAM block share here:
    You can learn more about RAM and computer memory here:
    If you have any feedback comments or questions please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks for your time and interest.


    Version 01:

    Dimensions: 17x16x13
    Volume: 3,536 Blocks^3
    Activator: 1
    AND : 1558
    Button : 4
    Flip-Flop: 0
    Delay : 1
    NOT : 1039
    OR : 262
    Wireless : 29

    Logic Count Total: 2,894 (2,865 w/o Wireless blocks)
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    Last update
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